You can knock thousands of doors, but if you’re not knocking the right doors and delivering a compelling message, you won’t be effective.

At GOCO, we use scientifically proven methods to identify which audiences will be most receptive to the message and to determine the best-applied methods for maximum results. We provide our clients with a comprehensive strategy including:

  • Navigate the key environment in which our clients are committed
  • Devising an optimal strategy based on quantitative and qualitative research
  • Identifying the strongest, most persuasive and authentic messages and messengers
  • Defining the key audiences and their main interests
  • Recruiting and mobilizing  third-party allies
  • Identifying effective tactics, both traditional and digital, that successfully implement the overall message that tells our client’s viewpoint
  • Providing  support via public relations that makes a difference and strengthens advocacy efforts

We not only deliver a strong and perfected message, but we can do so in different languages and with an understanding of different cultures.

We have a hands-on management philosophy. The Officers of GOCO maintain a constant presence on our programs for support and advice. We don’t cut financial corners. Instead, we invest resources in management that ensure proper and efficient operations.

Because of our audience identification strategies and targeted messaging model, we are able to deliver better results than the competition at a lower cost per contact.


In the last two years, as an example, our firm canvassed nearly 2,000,000 households on behalf of our candidates and issue-based campaigns. Let us work with your key issue to develop effective messaging and strategic targeting that will increase both support for the cause. Through strict hiring practices and intensive training, we will represent your key issue with the highest level of professionalism.

Building effective support for your cause is crucial to success. We have the experience and know-how to bring people and organizations together, united behind a common cause.

Encoded and expiring links allow you to engage a significant number of people who won’t talk on the phone. Why use links of nature? To tie answers back to people who answered them and prevent the sharing of that link with other people.

No hearings? No problem. We’ll do the next best thing putting people in an elected officials’ office by putting them “virtually” in the office. Displeased voters calling their representative’s office are a great way to turn up the pressure.