Services Offered

Ground Operations
In the last two years, we have canvassed nearly 2,000,000 households on behalf of our candidates and issue-based campaigns. Let us work with your campaign to develop effective messaging and strategic targeting that will increase both support and votes for your candidate or cause. Through strict hiring practices and intensive training, our canvassers will represent your campaign with the highest level of professionalism.

Ballot Measures
We have successfully qualified dozens of initiatives and referenda for the ballot. In fact, we have never failed to qualify a measure for the ballot. Our strict hiring and training process means you will have a team of circulators that is not only highly presentable, but will communicate your issue properly and effectively to the public. Our diverse list of Clients includes Chevron Corporation, San Francisco Forty-Niners, Macerich Corp, Bay 101 Casino, Pulte Homes, Pardee Homes, and many others.

Coalition Building
Building effective support for your cause is crucial to success. We have the experience and know-how to bring people and organizations together, united behind a common cause.

Encoded and expiring links allow you to engage significant number of voters who won’t talk on the phone. Why use links of nature? To tie answers back to people who answered them, and prevent the sharing of that link with other people.

Patch Calls
No hearings? No Problem. We’ll do the next best thing putting people in an elected officials’ office by putting them “virtually” in the office. Displeased voters calling their representative’s office are a great way to turn up the pressure.

Landline And Cell Calls
Our experienced callers, combined with our unmatched landline and peer-initiated cell calls give enhanced accuracy to polling, voter ID, and GOTV efforts.

Peer-To-Peer Texing
Campaigns are a 2-way discussion. Peer-to-peer texts provide that important ability when talking to voters. As with all peer-to-peer use, “human interference” makes these texts compliant.

IP Targeted Display Ads
IP targeted ads are not new, but ours are to the street address (not zip+4), putting display ads (banners) on nearly any website a person is looking at, and delivered with 95% accuracy. Their use is fully integrated with our calling, texting, and even canvassing data.